What I Did for Work*...
(*Well, I don't really work at a job any more.)

Cancer History

I passed away May 7, 2007. I had Pancreatic Cancer. It was quick, but not really painless. I didn't notice the cancer because of my Muscular Dystrophy (Friedreich's Ataxia). My MD caused so much pain, that I didn't notice the cancer pain. Cathy was by my side until the end, and was quite broken up by it. The only good thing now is that I am out of the pain that had followed me around since my teenaged years.

Work History

I medically retired from a large aircraft company in February, 1995, due to Friedreich's Ataxia, a type of Muscular Dystrophy. I am no longer gainfully employed. I now do a little bit of volunteering at Seattle Web Factory and as a Macintosh consultant for Positronic Software. I also beta test various Microsoft Macintosh CD-ROM products and other Macintosh software for AOL, INTUIT, Microsoft and others.

I worked for 25+ years designing, operating and repairing a wide variety of flight simulators. I worked on everything from fighter planes to bombers to helicopters to military transports and civilian airliners. During that time I became a very adept computer programmer and systems analyst.

737 Crash Investigation

I was the main analyst (for a large aluminum bending company in the PNW) on the 737 crash in Colorado Springs, CO, of United flight 585, which crashed from two reasons. One, the Rudder Power Control Unit, which controls the Rudder movement. Two, Rotor Winds. I was the person who came up with that idea, since I was familiar with the Rockies, and the weather there.

I have earned my living in many different ways, including: papergirl, carhop & other fast food jobs, movie theater projectionist, Western Union bicycle delivery, carnival ride operator, cafeteria worker, clerk/typist, janitorial service, steak-house restaurant chef, retail sales (electronics), school teacher (Computers and Digital Electronics), and the Circus. That's right , I worked for The Shrine Circus for one night...as an animal handler after the show. (Do you realize how big a Bengal Tiger really is?)

Caryn Roberts


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