Work History

2009-2015 Systems and Data Analyst for MyBoeingFleet, Boeing Commercial Aviation Services
Performed System Analysis and was the Functional Analyst for MyBoeingFleet. Was the start of the SDLC process to keep the infrastructure running and updated for MBF. Performed Analysis of requirements for requests that came in to change and update MBF from the Partner, including request for new applications that resided on the MBF Portal

2008-2009 e-Business Product Manager, Home Page Environment, Boeing Commercial Aviation Services
Fulfill the product vision to serve the airline customers e-Business needs by managing and implementing current and future external facing e-Business architecture.

2007-2008 Technical Architect, MyBoeingFleet Operations
Implemented applications into the MyBoeingFleet (MBF) Portal through the Technical Integration area of Operations. Worked with application development teams to modify their applications to work with MBF version of Aqualogic portal software.

2003-2007 Volunteer Work
Worked with local non-profit Macintosh User Group, dBug. President of the Board 2005 & 2007. Developed direction for dBug and revitalized group.

1997-2003 Web Architect - Boeing Company
Helped define and create the Boeing Intranet. Created Company-wide web guidelines, policies, procedures, and standards for Boeing intranet. Developed internal Web Development Process for Boeing WebWorks group, compliant with SEI/CMM Level 2.
Leader of Boeing Web Developer User Group Forum.
Designed and helped implement the WebHelp system for Boeing.
Analyzed and implemented Design and Style guides for Boeing Web, including Basic Web Page Requirements for all of Boeing.
Award-winning web developer.
Developed Metadata requirements for Boeing information management
Internal expert speaker on e-Business.
Boeing representative on National Certified Internet Webmasters (CIW) Certificate Board.
Past member BCA IS Enterprise Technical Architecture Team.
Past member of the Enterprise Mobile Computing Wireless Team.
Developer representative to Internal Service Offering (ISO) Steering Committee.
Executed RFPs for several Web based products and one non-Web product.

1997-2003 Lead and System/Functional Analyst for WebWorks - Boeing Company
Performed System Analysis, Functional Analysis, Project Management, and Usability Engineering on a large number of projects using Active Server Pages (ASP), ColdFusion, and Dreamweaver. Conducted code reviews and lead group to SEI/CMMi Level 2. Created web designs and wireframes with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Canvas, and Illustrator. Created conceptual web maps with Visio.

1993-1996 System Architect - Boeing Company
Boeing's DCAC/MRM Re-engineering effort.
Analyzed and designed Enterprise-level Manufacturing Engineering computing system, Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP), for the DCAC/MRM program using Cimlinc Linkage software, and following the precursor to Fujitsu Macroscope software methodology, P+. Executed RFP for Cimlinc Linkage.

1989-1993 Advanced Technologist - Boeing Company
BCAG Advanced Technology Applications
Analyzed and deployed Group Technology System at Boeing Renton and Boeing Helicopters in Philadelphia using John Deere Group Technology Software.
Designed and coded Artificial Intelligence system, including developing forward-chaining engine in natural language using the Fourth Generation Language, HyperTalk.

1985-1988 Manufacturing Engineer - Boeing Company
Manufacturing Engineering and assembly experience in many Commercial Airplanes (727, 737, 747, 757, 767), Space, and Defense (E-3A, E-6) programs. Developed innovative solutions to complex engineering and manufacturing production problems, as E-3A and E-6 avionics programs were complex Commercial and Military collaborations. Product Manager for large avionics packages on E-3A, E-4, and E-6 programs, worth $15 million per airplane. Large-scale integrator of engineering and manufacturing data for production. Worked with MRPII manufacturing system, and several complex mainframe systems (WIIRS, APLG, OLP) to integrate data across divisional boundaries. Manufacturing Representative to TMS and PMS Systems boards.

1978-1984 Manufacturing Assembler - Boeing Company
Assembler and Lead of Avionics for cockpits in Commercial Airplanes (727, 737, 747, 757, 767), Space, and Defense (IUS, E-3A, E-6, Minuteman, Peacekeeper, B-52, B-1, B-2) programs, and PHM Hydrofoil boat.


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